Family History Page

Our parishes have a wealth of historical records containing information of interest and value to those studying family history, genealogy and social history. The records date back to the 17th century, but exactly what has survived, and in what state of preservation, varies from parish to parish.  In general, any records more than 100 years old will have been deposited in the Hereford Diocesan Record Office, which is housed within the Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre. The most popular records, such as parish registers, have to be read from microfilms in order to minimise handling of the originals. Phone the office (01432 260750) before visiting to ensure the item you want to see is available, and if necessary to book a film reader.

The more recent and current registers are kept securely at each church, and are not generally accessible for public searching. Specific searches for individual entries can be carried out by arrangement with the vicar, and a search fee will be payable. Use the "contact us" button on the home page.

All of our churches have graveyards, as well as monuments inside the church building. Visitors are welcome to come and view these, but are asked to respect the environment and the peaceful atmosphere.

If you have relevant information that could be added to these pages please contact the webmaster. The buttons below provide links with further information about the individual parishes within the group.  There are many other  sources, apart from church records, that are important for family history studies. For these, or for general advice on how to research your ancestry, please click the "external links" button.