Barbara Chillington

I am writing this on the morning of Friday the 15th of June the day after I heard the news that Barbara had died.  I had to go for a walk yesterday just to come to terms with the news, on my return, my email account and answer machine were full of messages all expressing how much people will miss her.  She was an extraordinary inspiration to so many.  She was an extraordinary person, full of gentleness, wisdom and love.  She was also an enormous encourager.  Her dedicated service to our churches and their congregations is immeasurable.  There are so many more things that could be said about Barbara but for now I want to express something of the standing and respect and love in which she was held by all of those in these parishes who knew her.  So thank you Barbara for everything you were to us and everything you did for us.  Though our hearts will be sorrowful our prayers should be ones of thanksgiving and they will also be with Ray and his and Barbara’s family.

 Simon Lockett

Barbara's funeral service was held at St Peters Church, Peterchurch, on Friday 29th June, 2012.


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